At Merkem Pest Solutions we pride ourselves on being the most thorough bed bug inspectors in Toronto. 

Our Bed Bug inspections utilize the most advanced detection methods available.

Whether its bites, blood stains on sheets and bedding or the bugs themselves, If you're experiencing signs of a bed bug infestation, there's something that can be done — call us for a bed bug inspection. 

It only takes one week for a bed bug’s eggs to hatch. Juvenile bed bugs go through five moulting stages before they become adults, and they feed during each one. One adult female bed bug is capable of laying hundreds of eggs during its lifetime, so you need to act quickly to prevent what seems like a mere inconvenience from becoming a serious problem.

Bed bugs can hide in electrical outlets, baseboards and other hard to reach areas. At Merkem, we provide the most thorough Bed Bug inspection Toronto has ever seen!

Rid Your Toronto Residence of Bed Bugs

The first step toward ensuring your home is bed bug-free is to take advantage of our Toronto bed bug inspection services. As Toronto bed bug inspectors, we’ve spent a lot of time and have conducted a tremendous amount of research to develop our inspection methods. 

If you’ve seen evidence of bed bug activity, such as bites on your arms, legs or torso that tend to follow a linear pattern of three successive bites, call us for a bed bug inspection in Toronto. You can call us any time, day or night. As bed bug inspectors in Toronto, we know it’s impossible to predict when you may notice signs of bed bug activity. That’s why we’re available 24/7 to perform a same-day inspection of your residence. 

If it turns out that there is an infestation, our teams always come prepared to treat on-site. We'll handle the preparation of your place so that the bed bug treatment is fully effective. There’s no need to make arrangements to stay somewhere else, we use environmentally friendly products that allow you to sleep in your bed the very same night.


Bed Bug Inspections From Merkem Pest Solutions

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