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Through numerous technological innovations, pesticide production has seen substantial developments over the last 15 years.

New formulations have become readily available that allow for safer and far more effective treatment practices, making it all the more surprising that most pest control operators have yet to adapt and implement these new standards. Our interests are rooted in bringing these developments in modern chemistry to you.

At Merkem Pest Solutions, we understand the responsibilities that accompany an intimate working relationship with the environment. Whether it’s our hybrid vehicles or paperless invoices we take every opportunity to minimize our ecological footprint.

While we have embraced green pest control solutions and use non-toxic pest extermination methods in Toronto, some of our competitors have been slow to do the same. We firmly believe that moving forward is the only direction our Toronto-based, eco-friendly pest control company should move in. We also know our forward progress means we’ll have to leave the practices of yesterday — and some of our competitors — behind. And we’re okay with that.

We Work to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint in Every Way Possible

Every time we perform eco-friendly pest extermination in Toronto, we are keenly aware that we’re working with nature. Nobody is a fan of bed bugs, cockroaches or other insects, but they’re still members of our ecosystem and a constant reminder of the responsibility we have to minimize our carbon footprint.

One way we try to minimize our impact on the environment is by driving hybrid cars that use less fuel to get from point A to point B and release fewer harmful emissions into the atmosphere.  However, the most important way we reduce our ecological footprint is by providing eco-friendly pest solutions in Toronto and our neighbouring communities.

Bed Bug Removal the Eco-Friendly Way

We’re proud that our Toronto non-toxic pest control company is able to provide the latest green pest control solutions to the residents of our city and the surrounding areas. By offering eco-friendly pest solutions, we continue to move forward.

Our continual development is why people think of us as the area’s progressive pest control option. We do things differently from our competitors because we’re a different kind of pest control company. We don’t accept that the way things are done today will be the way they’ll always be done. We look forward to continued developments in our industry that will enable us to offer even greener and more environmentally friendly pest control services in the future.

We’re moving forward. Are you coming with us? Call Merkem Pest Solutions to learn more about our non-toxic pest extermination methods today.

Our hybrid vehicles are just one of the many reasons why Merkem Pest Solutions is Toronto's leader in Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly Pest Control.