Questions and Concerns

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What bug is this?

There are approximately 91,000 species of insects in North America alone. Even entomologists have difficulties identifying specific insect types without the aid of lab equipment. There is, however, an importance in recognizing if the bug you just discovered puts you at risk. We understand that inspections are the most critical component of any pest solution, which is why we have invested extensive time developing the most thorough inspection protocols available.


How soon can you come?

We guarantee same day service. Call us anytime, even in the middle of the night. It’s that simple.


How do I prepare for a treatment?

We develop solutions that require the least amount of preparation and labour on your part. We will inform you of any necessary preparations prior to any treatment, ensuring its success.


How long does the treatment take?

While treatment times vary on a case to case basis, using teams allows us to be far more efficient than companies that send a single technician. On average, treatments should take no longer than one hour irrespective of the size, type or level of infestation.


Are the pesticides used safe?

At Merkem our treatment protocols have been developed with an emphasis on safety, both for you and the environment. Any pesticide use caries a risk, but we mitigate that risk by using the highest quality formulations available and focusing on practices that minimize their application. This has become possible not only through modern chemistry but through identifying the benefits of working in teams, allowing for greater diversity in our approach towards any pest solution.


Will my household items be effected?

We’ve made sure that all of our practices will have zero effect on any household items. Whether it’s clothing, electronics, art work, food etc. The best signs of a good treatment is no sign.


What happens after the treatment?

You resume your pest-free life. We will provide you with a document outlining any post-treatment information required for your specific solution, ensuring that the treatment continues to be effective. If the problem were to persist, all of our services are backed by a 120-day guarantee. We’re that confident.


Should I notify my neighbours?

It's always beneficial to provide information about your situation to others that may also be effected. But that choice is always left in your hands as we take special care to be as discreet as possible no matter what the situation.


Should I fumigate?

In the past, fumigation with Cyanogas was used in bed bug control. Although the method was effective it was extremely dangerous, and has been deemed inadequate for contemporary control practices. Fumigation – that is the use and distribution of poisonous gases – is very costly, both economically and environmentally, and though this has been a method of control in rather isolated cases, it has been far from practical in the control of pest populations.


What is an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach?

Integrated Pest Management is a decision making process for preventing pests from reaching damaging levels and for determining what actions to take when pest problems occur. At Merkem, we balance the use of pesticides with other practices, reducing the reliance on pesticides and therefore reducing the risks associated with their use.